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We areserious about creating value

From concept to customer - we combine strategy, design, user research and engineering under one roof

We are serious about creating value with our clients

Shaping an idea

How long does it take?
4 - 6 weeks

Ideas are always fragile. Ideas are always hard to realise. In large organisations, this is compounded. We believe that our world would be better if more ideas could reach the market. We partner with small teams in large organisations to build momentum around an idea. That momentum comes in the form of validation through the process of creation and testing.

Design Sprint Facilitation
Rapid Prototyping
User Research
Engagement Analysis and Analytics
Business Case Development
No-Code Software Development

Designing a digital product

How long does it take?
1 - 3 months

Good ideas alone often aren’t enough. Good ideas need great execution. We combine creative precision and technical understanding to turn concepts into production ready designs. Our design intuition is pretty good, but nothing beats the eyes of the customer, so all of our products go through user testing before code is created.

Experience mapping and definition
Interface design
Motion and interaction design
Design Systems
User testing
Functional specification

Build and Refine

How long does it take?
2 - 5 months

We’ve all seen shiny design concepts that never make it into the world - often because they don’t respect web “laws of physics” or they’re way too ambitious for day one. Because our designs are designed with the specific technologies and budget in mind - they’re executable. Our developers are very picky about great code - so you can trust that product built by House is built to stand up tall. Once it’s live, it’s not game over. We’re committing to continually improving and refining the product to ensure it solves the need we identified.

Frontend Development
Backend Development
DevOps & Infrastructure
API Integration & Development
QA Testing
Feature Enhancement

North Star Setting

Where we’re going we don’t need roads. But we do need a destination on the horizon. Most organisations are not clear about their why - and consequently the rest of us our confused about it. We believe the web and the internet has not been properly understood by most companies. In the next ten years, there is an unprecedented opportunity to create value guided by a North Star (or a star of your choice).

Northstar Setting
Digital Strategy for 21st Century Organisations
Opportunity Landscape
Product Strategy Sprints
Competitor Analysis
Let's collaborate

Want to start small with House?

Shifting to Digital First

We help organisations go from digital as a periphery to digital at its core.

2 day workshop

Design Sprints

Bring in one of our expert facilitators, so your team can focus on the outcomes, not the format. Better yet, bring in our Strike Team of designers and builders.

Within 2 weeks

Digital Health Check

Work with our specialist team of designers, strategists and data analysts to look under the hood and identify opportunities for kaizen.

2 day workshop